Bath is Brilliant.

It's been my home for nearly 25 years and I love this city.

The best way I can share my appreciation of this incredible place is by celebrating it's glory with photography. 

The changing seasons, the fascinating architecture, rich cultural events - I love to capture them all.


So, Brilliant Bath was born. A photographic and videography service right here in the heart of the city. I create unique views from the city (and even beyond) that show the very best that is on offer. My work has been featured in national newspapers, tourism boards (such as VisitBritain and VisitBath) and I regularly feature across popular tourism social media feeds.

The photography also extends beyond Bath where I apply my style to other tourism destinations and brand projects - I am available for any travel assignment and/or social media campaigns.

Feel free to get in touch about collaborations, ideas and commissions:



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