Bath Carnival Flashback - Banish those Coronavirus blues

Updated: Mar 18

We're in uncharted waters these days as the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation or postponement of many events. Venues, pubs, restaurants are closing and best laid plans for gatherings and events have changed. I started to really appreciate their value now they've had to close their doors or postpone.

In the meantime, I'll keep sharing what I love the most about this great city and hope to inspire and enthuse you ready for the day when some kind of normality returns for us all.

Spring emerges as usual, Mother Nature doesn't take a break and can lift our spirits in a show of lush new green growth and blooms. Enjoy the great outdoors, breathe in the air and try to avoid bombarding yourself with the relentless news updates.

It might be time to re-connect with something that you hold dear, that has true meaning.

I felt it was also a good time to look back and remember one of the things we do best in Bath - Have a great party!

In a new series of blog posts I'll be sharing my photography portfolio from the many events I have been commissioned to shoot.

First up, the excellent Bath Carnival who's joyous spirit never fails to get that backside and feet moving on the sunny streets of the city every summer.

Were you there? See if you can spot yourself amongst the hundreds of happy faces.

Be safe, Be kind. The sun can still shine during these strange times.

Now, grab those dancing shoes and freak out to the rhythm!

Should you require a photographer to capture that amazing event, drop me a line here:


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