Bath's Best Instagram Locations

If you take a stroll through any number of the ancient streets in Bath there's something you might notice absolutely everywhere.....photographers! And, there's a good reason for that. Bath is frequently championed as one of the most Instagrammable (is that a word?) places in the United Kingdom, heck, maybe even the entire planet.

It's small city but jam-packed full of the most stunning architecture and historic venues that are ripe for photo sniping and getting that shutter finger working overtime. It seems every corner you turn reveals another draw-droppingly beautiful vista, a scene from history melding with modern twists here and there neatly wrapped up in a small accessible area easily walk-able on a day trip or as part of a longer stay.

So, if it's your first time visiting or looking for inspiration for your next photography trip then why not explore some of the best Instagram locations in Bath and capture scenes worthy of sharing on your own social media account:

Bath Abbey

The heart of the city and a magnet for all visitors and locals who flock to the stunning Grade 1 listed Gothic masterpiece. If you're looking for a bustling music-filled atmosphere come during the day but personally, for atmosphere and serenity and more importantly, crowd free photographs, its best to visit at dawn or dusk.

The Circus

A perfect circle of townhouses surrounding a green and giant veteran trees causes the same reaction to every visitor who first ventures to this part of the city. The scale and beauty is incredible as are the photographic opportunities. It may be a little too large to capture in one image so aim for the finer details, such as house fronts, doorways, intricate ironwork or architectural stonework. Visit at the optimum time of year in Spring and Summer to enjoy glimpses of roses growing across some of the facades.

Pulteney Bridge

One of the many jewels in Bath's crown and easily one of the top Instagram spots in the city. The bridge itself is slightly offset and can be an strange angle to fully capture from North Parade overlooking the landmark. You may need longer arms to reach over the stone balustrade to fit the entire bridge in. Or alternatively, just a short distance away are the beautifully managed Parade Gardens where views of the bridge and weir are uninterrupted.

Of course the iconic scene is viewed from Spring Gardens adjacent to the Recreation Ground and River Avon where riverside trees frame the exterior perfectly.

The Royal Crescent

Not to be missed from any visit to Bath is the mighty swooping curve of the Royal Crescent. It's an awesome architectural delight in a city which is home to many fine crescents. As with the Circus it can be tricky cram all of the townhouses into one image without dwarfing the overall effect - so, try for sections of the townhouses which show of the beautiful columns. A good tip here is to perhaps slightly lower your angle when taking a photograph to try and block out any vehicles that may be parked on the adjoining road.

North Parade Buildings

Some of the best places in Bath are hidden away, tucked out of sight from the centre of the city. Close to Sally Lunns Restaurant is one such location, a series of charming linked alleyways that lead from Abbey Green to Terrace Walk (Bog Island).

North Parade Buildings being one commonly visited and photographed spot. It's actually surprising how many differing photos you can capture from this tiny passageway. Times of the day will vary your images, from the warm hues of daytime to the cool blues at dusk and even better when it's just been raining and the stone paving glistens in the light.