Bath Christmas Market - The Magic of the Season

Visit Bath in December to experience the most enchanting time of the year in the world heritage city. The magical part of the Christmas season is undoubtedly the build up to the big day itself - the evenings draw in, festive colourful lights shimmer, the bustle on the streets is buzzing whilst the mulled wine is, well....mulling (and delicious). The famous Bath Christmas Market is the main event in the city and this year has been expanded to feature even more of the beautiful city, taking in new areas such as the premier shopping experience of Milsom Street.

There's so much more to see in Bath than at any other time of year - The streets take on a new glow and intrigue as favourite places such as The Bath Bun decorate their shop windows with festive delights.

Crowds flocking to the Christmas Market are welcomed with a diverse range of independent traders, mainly sourced within the local region and selling beautiful, bespoke crafted artwork, festive ornaments and delicious festive treats. It's hard not to walk a short distance before succumbing to some yummy churros washed down with a hot spiced gin cocktail.

The stunning Bath Abbey always remains the focal point of the Christmas Market, standing proud over the courtyard below which dazzles in the crisp winter twilight.

Just a short detour away from the market into the historic heart of the city is a scene that will leave you breathless. The incredible sight of a giant Christmas tree outside the historic Roman Baths illuminating the night sky, enticing visitors into Abbey Courtyard and embracing the festive atmosphere as buskers fill the air with festive song.

There's just so much to see in Bath, you'll wonder how to fit it all in! - Embrace the opportunity to have a shopping experience like no other, perusing the festive chalets adorned with exquisite delights such as Kanada who's beautiful paper star lantern designs will surely put you in the Christmas mood.

If shopping is not for you, why not pop into the Bath Abbey where you can experience tranquility and calmness in the presence of stunning architecture - Why not create some fantastic memories and take the tower tour overlooking the Christmas streets of Bath - a photo opportunity that can't be missed!

Bath has another secret to share at Christmas - the joy of easily stepping away from the main shopping areas to discover a quieter, more intimate experience exploring the numerous back alleys and passageways. Sally Lunns, one of the oldest homes in Bath is a worthwhile detour at this time of year. Pause to endulge in the surroundings of yesteryear in this historic tea and eating house, surely a fitting accompaniment to your Christmas adventure in Bath.

Just take a look at these delightful Christmas gifts that you could discover on your journey through the stores of Bath:

Milsom Place never fails to disappoint with a stunning, warm glow display of lights at the entrance to the enchanting shopping parade. Whilst just next door, the fabulous, casual dining experience The Ivy warmly welcomes you inside with a gorgeous traditional Christmas tree and garlands heaving with colourful baubles and ribbons.