Photos of Bath & Beyond - shot on Lumix S1R

This year I have been fortunate to roam around my beloved streets of Bath with the mighty Panasonic Lumix S1R by my side, an incredible versatile camera that is perfect for capturing the finest architectural details throughout the city. During the best part of autumn and the new lockdown I have continued to work on private commissions capturing a varied portfolio for a range of clients. The leaner times have also helped with personal projects, including some exciting publications due out in 2021 (of course depending on the situation!)

The remainder of this year sees this work ramping up to complete a few goals, but I wanted to pause for a moment to enthuse about the Lumix S1R and have decided to compile a selection of photos captured recently using the camera, which I'd like to share below:

All the photos were captured using two lenses. The S 24-105 mm f4 and S-Pro 70-200 mm f4.

No context or order, just a collection showing the range that this beautiful and capable camera is able to photograph.......enjoy!