Pub in the Park - Bath Style

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Victoria Park was transformed into a food filled oasis earlier in June and I had the opportunity to pop along and capture some scenes from the Sunday session, sample some incredible food and relax on the grass with a back drop of great live music.

Created by famous TV chef Tom Kerridge and his team, this brilliant concept of bringing all the best artisan creators together in one festival is a touch of genius. I've often seen tiny pockets of food heaven at other festivals, such as Womad, where the 'Taste the World' stage takes some beating in it's tranquil arboretum setting.

Though, I think there might be a new favourite in town as here, under the luscious leafy tree canopy people are tucking into canapes and sampling fine drinks under brilliant blue skies with a wealth of restaurants, chef demonstrations and fantastic shopping - I spied happy bellies and contented festival goers all round, we could be onto something here!

You could easily be lost for hours in the huge selection of unique food, drink and wares on offer - incredible food always seems to taste better when there's an authentic story and coupled with an enthusiastic response producers are on hand to show true passion for their creations. Of course, no food story has a finale without a good sample of that tasty treat!

On offer today that seemed to go particular well with Bath's park setting and atmosphere was an abundance of gin producers - hottest drink on the market and judging by the interest around the artisan craftspeople one of the successes of the afternoon - something about that summer sunshine and good vibes I expect!

Huge Yummage for Pony & Trap's Chicken in a Bun

My stomachs started to growl at me and for just five pounds visitors can choose from incredibly diverse menu options cooked up by Michelin starred establishments and other top-rated UK pubs. Personally I thought the chicken in a bun from local Chew Magna restaurant Pony and Trap was out of this world, 'mwah' (I'm doing that lip-smacky action) The seasoning elevated the burger to another level and washed down with some delicious, caramel tinged cider from Mortimer's Orchard made for the perfect lunch in an even more perfect setting.

After lunch and mainly a tipple it's time to relax on the lush green grass and soak up the buzzing atmosphere with a back-drop of live music from the Christians who took their audience through a back catalogue of their iconic songs, whilst Sounds of the Sirens earlier on the bill created an ethereal shimmer across the festival as their voices mingled with the leaves on the trees.

So in all, a brief trip to the session on Sunday but hats off to the festival team for bringing a fine dining experience to a fabulous outdoor setting, next on the tour is Tunbridge Wells and if this performance is anything to go by then they are going to absolutely love what the Pub in the Park festival brings to town.


Website: Pub in the Park

It's been in Marlow and Bath and now moves on to Tunbridge Wells 6th - 8th July, then onto Knutsford 7th - 9th Knutsford

- Get tucking in!

Additional scenes from the day:

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Huge thanks to Stevie-Jayne Mather for arranging access to Sunday's session, best of luck with the rest of the festival dates over the summer.