The Romans are Coming! - Bath World Heritage Day

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

The Romans returned to Bath as the typically placid lawn outside the Royal Crescent became a military training ground and hive of activity in recognition of Bath’s UNESCO ‘World Heritage Site’ status and World Heritage Day celebrations, taking place in April each year.

A Roman camp complete with field kitchen and weapons demonstrations added an air of authenticity to the event. The Ermine Street Guard re-enactment group, complete with fantastic uniforms and stern Roman faces completed a brilliant line-up of events throughout the day.

One particular highlight was typical military marching drills - often leading to a roaring charge towards the eager crowds only to stop at the last moment.

The event coupled with the ongoing launch of Bath's Minerva Owls trail which is running from the 25th June to 10th September.

No military demonstration would be complete without a giant melon being launched across the park and the army eagerly obliged by flinging fruit from various trebuchets and giant crossbows.

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