Visit Bath's Beautiful City Views

Recently the team at Visit Bath have kindly given my the keys to their Instagram account over the early spring weekend.

I had the honour of taking in the sights and sharing with their followers a selection of vibrant classic postcard style photos from the city following the intriguing theme of Gold, Blue & Views:

Gold - Because Bath's gloriously golden honey hued buildings are just too hard to resist.
Blue - There's always blue skies in Bath, right?
Views - During lockdown people have begun to explore the more rural locations on their doorsteps where the views into the city are incredible!

So pull up a comfy chair and pop the kettle on to revisit these incredible places and follow along to explore some classic sights mixed with new discoveries below, where beyond the incredible Bridgerton locations there's more to discover in this incredible city:


  1. Hazy winter scenes

Doesn't Bath look stunning as the late winter light fades across the treetops and roofs in this scene? Head to the Sham Castle area, part of the beautiful Bath Skyline walk to experience your own magnificent glimpses across the streets below, where if you're lucky, delicate pastel skies might just transform the city to a glorious pink colour at dusk.

2. Sunset over Bath

When the sun appears in Bath it really knows how to make it's presence felt!

The city is drenched in an almost liquid gold radiating around historic streets crammed with beautiful architecture where every peak, rooftop and tree line is touched by the dazzling light.

To bathe in the warmth and to experience incredible views for yourself, head to the Kennet and Avon canal on the edge of Widcombe to discover two of Bath's tallest buildings - the Church of St Johns and the magnificent Bath Abbey, both perfectly placed at eye level and ready for that epic photograph.

3. Beautiful Bath architecture

With so many unique tightly packed buildings in Bath they can sometimes appear to be stacked upon each other especially when viewed from a distance. Familiar streets and landmarks seen from a different angle can suddenly change entirely!

So when you're out and about on an exercise walk or plan to visit here in the future remember to keep an eye out for those unique viewpoints that show off the city in a completely different way.

To explore scenes similar to this one head along to the eastern fringes of Sydney Gardens or to find your own unique place journey to any one of

Bath's varied mix of beautiful parks and open spaces where the views are equally sublime.

4. Bath Abbey at dusk

The weather is a very British obsession - and for good reason, it’s full of extremes! But as they say, There’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing. The same can be said about taking photos on those damp days, they can be just as magical, especially when pavements are glistening wet reflecting all the gorgeous architecture in the glassy surface.

Bath Abbey is a wonderful place to explore at any time of year and during any type of weather - and you may just be lucky and have the whole place to yourself!

So next time there's rain in the forecast pull on those wellington boots, grab a coat and go and find some puddles to jump in! ☔️

5. Lansdown Views

The end of winter has almost arrived in Bath, though there’s still a chill in the air (good reason enough to keep those snug woolly hats and gloves on stand by just in case!). But spring is just around the corner and before the trees emerge with green leaves there's still buckets of beautiful winter sunshine to fall across the city, keeping everything a beautiful shade of golden yellow and orange.

This time of year the air is still thin enough to create the most gorgeous sunset scenes especially during late afternoons which are full of beautiful beams of light falling across the assorted houses clinging onto the hillsides of Lansdown and beyond.

The eagle eyed amongst you might just spot a sprinkling of snow on the very peaks of the fields above the buildings, even though it's March a little dusting of the white stuff is always a possibility!

6. The Royal Crescent

There's two seasons in Bath that are hard to beat. Spring, which is just around the corner being the first one, but by far the most outstanding is the autumn months taking top prize.

Which, as it happens is fantastic for featuring in photographs, like here at the Royal Crescent - a magnificent heart-stopping piece of fine architecture in it's own right but add in a few beech trees ablaze with golden leaves then it's a modern masterpiece for the eyes.

Bath and nature go hand in hand perfectly, almost right up to the doorsteps of fine Georgian architecture you'll find all manner of trees, shrubs and natural spaces living side by side - gardens full of blooms, parklands awash with colour and scenery and the tree-lines on surrounding hills merge almost seamlessly with rows of terraced houses.

But of course, it's almost spring, but I wanted to share the later seasons with you, ready for that eventual return to normal. But if it's lush greens and flowers you're looking for keep an eye out here this weekend for something a little more suited to this time of year.

7. Pulteney Bridge

The unmistakable curved arches of Pulteney Bridge are enough to stop anyone in their tracks when walking past, even the locals can't resist peeking over the edge of Grand Parade when in the area.

It's an exceptional piece of architecture by Robert Adam built in the late 18th century. Only a handful of similar bridges can be found in the world that have shops spanning it's entire length.

There's two sides to this story though, a light side and a dark side. Click the right arrow on the photo to reveal the rear of Pulteney Bridge, which fits the theme of blue whilst the more commonly seen side reflects everything that is gold.

What's your favourite side?

8. Bridgerton filming locations

The arrival of daffodils to Bath means that Spring is just about to explode into a rainbow of blossom and flowers.

Head to the Royal Crescent to experience these gorgeous blooms for yourself where swathes of yellow petals dance in the light breeze on a hazy sunny day.....

....and the backdrop of No.1 Royal Crescent can’t be beat either!

I’m sure it was featured recently in a little tv, what was it called again? 🤔 😀

9. Bath's enchanting alleyways

It’s easy to imagine yourself transported back through time when standing in these historic surroundings in Bath, where hints of the medieval past sit side by side with the Georgian contributions to the city.

Wander away from the larger streets into the back alleys for a true taste of a setting that could be straight from a Dickensian novel, where many side alleys in central Bath hide clues in a timeline of architecture that reveal hints of yesteryear.

At the end of this alleyway is Sally Lunns, one of the oldest houses in Bath and being tucked away on North Parade Passage also makes it one of the most charming places to seek out in the city. A historic time capsule that is a both a fascinating museum and also a place where you can eat the local and famous speciality, the Bath Bunn. Things are a little quiet and sleepy just now, but be sure to keep this as one of your must visit locations when we're all free to explore once more.

For more photos from the beautiful city of Bath follow along on the @BrilliantBath Instagram account.