What is Brilliant Bath?

Brilliant Bath aims to showcase the diverse heritage and cultural features of the city, iconic locations and seasonal events through distinctive photography. I am passionate about capturing scenes that are authentic and represent the very best that Bath has on offer.

I am fortunate to have lived in the city for over 25 years and know the streets like an old friend.

Highlighting the incredible architecture and engaging seasonal events shines through my work and as such, businesses and individuals embrace this enthusiasm for my photography as I create and share, captivate people and form relationships.

Much of my portfolio is of a photographic nature but coupled with the ability to extend beyond this to manage social media accounts creating bespoke content for numerous campaigns. It is not uncommon to create additional Instagram posts, blog entries or Twitter messages in addition to the more traditional printed materials. To represent local businesses through their social channels is an enjoyable way to be part of the genuine surge of instant feedback generated from the content I produce.

It has been an important cornerstone of my business to ensure I am capable and trusted in any working relationship, so it is essential and much more rewarding that my involvement with local tourism groups and businesses is formed through genuine engagement and appreciation of their message and work to date - but, by bringing my own distinctive style to their promotion or campaign.

What makes Brilliant Bath unique?

Bath is a beautiful city that is so much more than just attractive architecture, which I am passionate about highlighting, but the work goes further by featuring local events and festivals captured with vibrancy drawing on my background as an editorial photojournalist.

This distinct style of photography coupled with my approachable, professional and friendly demeanour has kept clients returning time and time again, particularly for the adaptable nature of my work but also for the extra additional features that are offered.

Clients are often rewarded with more than just a crafted image, I will make the effort to promote their cause via social media channels and also dedicated blog postings via the website. Instagram is a fantastic way to give more value to clients especially by utilising Instagram Stories to champion the social, human element to my work.

There is a particular style to my photography that has become instantly recognisable, it is often said that my work stands out amongst other photographers in the city.

This ensures clients receive the same level of quality across all my media outlets. My work is different, it captures a more genuine view of the subject which is on trend - be it stylish architectural imagery or vibrant, fresh event photography. Which, in particular is a subject area that has gained most support from clients who appreciate the un-staged and authentic approach. It captures the spirit of the moment.

What has been the most memorable achievements?

Since launching Brilliant Bath in Spring of 2018 there has been a surge in partnerships formed to deliver vibrant, fresh photography particularly in the local tourism market.

A partnership with Visit Britain was formed early in the season to supply imagery for their 'I Travel For' campaign and has been featured on their media feeds and also further afield in Spain as part of the promotional package.

A similar arrangement with the Great West Way team enabled the supply of distinct seasonal photos from the heart of Bath to champion the city as part of a London to Bristol tourism trail. This work is also made available to prospective partners and travel brands, both benefiting their individual campaigns and helping to raise my profile too.

Taking the reigns of Visit Bath's Instagram account was a highlight in Spring of 2018. I was approached by the team who were drawn to my distinctive photography and were keen to partner to promote the city in a vibrant and engaging way. I made sure to over deliver and dedicated efforts into creating a complete package of photos and videos that would see not just their Instagram soar, but also to spread this further across the Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook channels which ran in tandem to the Instagram takeover weekend. Such was the success of the event, numerous photos saw the highest ever levels for engagement on their account.

It has been an honour to be featured on the IgersBath Instagram account many times in the last 12 months and I give praise to the team of LLoyd, Ellis and Maisee who have been pivotal in gaining recognition for my work - the engagement from the community has enabled me to reach a wider audience and to form relationships with tourist groups, businesses, brands and even local photographers. The