What is Brilliant Bath?

Brilliant Bath aims to showcase the diverse heritage and cultural features of the city, iconic locations and seasonal events through distinctive photography. I am passionate about capturing scenes that are authentic and represent the very best that Bath has on offer.

I am fortunate to have lived in the city for over 25 years and know the streets like an old friend.

Highlighting the incredible architecture and engaging seasonal events shines through my work and as such, businesses and individuals embrace this enthusiasm for my photography as I create and share, captivate people and form relationships.

Much of my portfolio is of a photographic nature but coupled with the ability to extend beyond this to manage social media accounts creating bespoke content for numerous campaigns. It is not uncommon to create additional Instagram posts, blog entries or Twitter messages in addition to the more traditional printed materials. To represent local businesses through their social channels is an enjoyable way to be part of the genuine surge of instant feedback generated from the content I produce.

It has been an important cornerstone of my business to ensure I am capable and trusted in any working relationship, so it is essential and much more rewarding that my involvement with local tourism groups and businesses is formed through genuine engagement and appreciation of their message and work to date - but, by bringing my own distinctive style to their promotion or campaign.


What makes Brilliant Bath unique?

Bath is a beautiful city that is so much more than just attractive architecture, which I am passionate about highlighting, but the work goes further by featuring local events and festivals captured with vibrancy drawing on my background as an editorial photojournalist.

This distinct style of photography coupled with my approachable, professional and friendly demeanour has kept clients returning time and time again, particularly for the adaptable nature of my work but also for the extra additional features that are offered.

Clients are often rewarded with more than just a crafted image, I will make the effort to promote their cause via social media channels and also dedicated blog postings via the website. Instagram is a fantastic way to give more value to clients especially by utilising Instagram Stories to champion the social, human element to my work.

There is a particular style to my photography that has become instantly recognisable, it is often said that my work stands out amongst other photographers in the city.

This ensures clients receive the same level of quality across all my media outlets. My work is different, it captures a more genuine view of the subject which is on trend - be it stylish architectural imagery or vibrant, fresh event photography. Which, in particular is a subject area that has gained most support from clients who appreciate the un-staged and authentic approach. It captures the spirit of the moment.


What has been the most memorable achievements?

Since launching Brilliant Bath in Spring of 2018 there has been a surge in partnerships formed to deliver vibrant, fresh photography particularly in the local tourism market.

A partnership with Visit Britain was formed early in the season to supply imagery for their 'I Travel For' campaign and has been featured on their media feeds and also further afield in Spain as part of the promotional package.

A similar arrangement with the Great West Way team enabled the supply of distinct seasonal photos from the heart of Bath to champion the city as part of a London to Bristol tourism trail. This work is also made available to prospective partners and travel brands, both benefiting their individual campaigns and helping to raise my profile too.

Taking the reigns of Visit Bath's Instagram account was a highlight in Spring of 2018. I was approached by the team who were drawn to my distinctive photography and were keen to partner to promote the city in a vibrant and engaging way. I made sure to over deliver and dedicated efforts into creating a complete package of photos and videos that would see not just their Instagram soar, but also to spread this further across the Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook channels which ran in tandem to the Instagram takeover weekend. Such was the success of the event, numerous photos saw the highest ever levels for engagement on their account.

It has been an honour to be featured on the IgersBath Instagram account many times in the last 12 months and I give praise to the team of LLoyd, Ellis and Maisee who have been pivotal in gaining recognition for my work - the engagement from the community has enabled me to reach a wider audience and to form relationships with tourist groups, businesses, brands and even local photographers. The @BrilliantBath Instagram feed saw a huge jump in followers to over 4000 in the first year and photos regularly receive hundreds of likes, at some points pushing well over 1,000 likes per photo. This in particular has been a strong corner stone to engaging with prospective clients who are keen for me to represent them with my clean, authentic style.

A fantastic partnership with Stu Matson and the rest of the Bath Carnival crew has seen me return every year to capture the stunning efforts and mesmerising performances each summer as the carnival procession winds it way through Bath. The photography I have previously gifted to the team is utilised across their social channels and website and I am appreciated for my ability to get 'stuck into the party' to capture scenes perfect to promote the essence of the days atmosphere.

A series of photos from the carnival in July 2018 were commissioned by Visit Bath to be used inside and as the cover image for the 2019 Official Bath Visitors Guide, part of this work was also utilised for promotional banners and posters.

Further afield national newspapers have featured my photography from local festivals, such as WOMAD, Glastonbury, Pub in the Park and Valley Fest. This engages with the local community as many people travel from Bath to attend the summer festival circuit or seasonal events that are just a short journey from the city centre. Particularly newspapers: The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and the Mirror have all featured my work.

Of particular note, a featured festival photograph was the winning entry in a competition hosted by the travel group Trover and parent company Expedia. The grand prize was a £1500 travel allowance, which enabled me to travel to Nepal, an incredible, memorable experience!

Creating blogs as part of my creative outlet is a pure joy and appreciated by local business and visitor attractions alike. A feature for the Holburne Museum's 'Colourscape' experience picked up great interest and was featured in the Times newspaper.

In 2018 I created a collection of images for a piece entitled the '10 Best Views in Bath' which has been widely shared across social media and subsequently featured in April's edition of Somerset Life magazine, who printed many of the photographs in addition to an interview championing the fantastic scenery surrounding the city.

One stand out event in the city was the 'Minerva Owls of Bath Trail' held over the summer season in 2018. I became involved with the Highlight PR group representing the trail and created content featuring the monumental efforts of the team behind the successful community event. My aim was to feature all 82 owls on location at their designated businesses or public spaces.

In short, I captured all the birds in situ over a long weekend, with 56 owls photographed in just one day! many walking miles clocked and a fantastic, engaging blog post created coupled with a fun video for a younger audience to enjoy. I also attended and created content for the finale weekend held on the Recreation Ground, capturing scenes of the public engaging with the owl statues and prize giving by Olympic Medallist Amy Williams.


How have you championed Bath as a city?

When creating content that features this wonderful city it is important to recognise that there is a unique blend of historic and modern assets that need to be sensitively managed. My work reflects this need and I ensure to promote Bath in the best possible light, drawing on the positives of conserving the heritage values of the city but also looking to the future and giving platform to more recent developments, particularly contentious architectural features.

Bath is home to a diverse range of architectural styles and I want to highlight them based on merit but also to make note and draw attention to developments that require a more considered approach, particularly in design and setting.

My Instagram account will often reflect this, by praising the incredible historic tourist hot spots but also featuring controversial landscape features, with a written caption to promote diversity across the city but with an aim to conserve compassionately. I am particular concerned about the increase in street furniture (signs, bollards etc) that block views or inhibit free movement around the city and my work promotes an alternative opportunity or possibility of what could be achieved if we collaborate and give a more thoughtful approach to design and planning in the city.

Often, when creating a body of work I will happily gift this to a cause within the city. On the national Heritage Open Doors event in 2018 I visited many historic venues in the city to get a 'behind the scenes' look often unseen by most visitors. One place in particular was Elim Church who had just removed a 1970's floating ceiling in their building to reveal a glorious vaulted roof and stained glass windows. Having met with the Pastor, Kenny I sent him a package of photos featuring this wonderful interior which was widely appreciated and used on their Facebook account.

The huge amount of vibrant content I have created from the Bath Carnival event over the years is the gift that keeps on giving, having kept the attention and interest peaked every year benefiting local charitable groups, improving engagement and enthusing people to become involved in a fantastic, worthy event - which isn't just about one day in the summer, it's a year round event with lots of planning and promotion behind the scenes and I am very honoured to be able to continue to create work for them.

Often recreational events are given a boost of enthusiasm through my photography and engagement peaks on social media when I share my involvement with local events. This, I do purely through my passion for the city and is part of my free time aside to other commitments.


How do you work with clients?

I want to truly understand the needs of a client, organisation or individual to create a body of work bespoke to their need or message, but drawing on my artistic vision that ensures their proposal or idea is best represented. Aside from generating business for myself I go further to engage with the general public, to champion this great city and to enthuse people to stop a while, slow down and fully appreciate the city for its diversity and beauty.

In such a short time I have managed to capture the attention and interest of both businesses and the local community alike who appreciate my distinctive and unique style of photography. I have been praised for the authentic, genuine qualities I bring to event photography in particular.

My ability to create a complete package of work becomes an asset to clients who can have a broad range of content to represent their message through social channels or promotional material. But, I think it goes further than just a final delivered image, I am considered approachable, friendly and keen to forge a relationship with those who I meet first as a primary goal rather than 'jumping into' securing a deal.

I am passionate about the city I love to call my home, it's where I draw inspiration and energy from to create the body of work that aims to inspire and enthuse others to full appreciate this incredible place. To be fortunate to receive a reward would give reassurance to the hard work and personal energy invested into creating Brilliant Bath, particularly in such a short period of time.

This generates the perfect opportunity to engage a wider audience through my appreciation of beauty and protection for the heritage of Bath and it's inhabitants, a central theme in my work and I want to become a true ambassador for this great city.


What do people say about Brilliant Bath (Testimonials)


Casper has been supporting Bath Carnival for three years now and his incredible images help us document the success of our event, not only to the project's funders and sponsors but to the general public through the local media.

As well having an eye for the perfect shot, Casper is a real professional and understands how to interact with the people he is photographing. This is particularly important in a project such as Bath Carnival which includes numerous young children and vulnerable adults.

We are so grateful for the images that Casper has provided our organisation with and they are at the forefront of our print and online products, including the front of our event programmes, sponsorship and workshop brochures, flyers, posters and at the heart of our social media campaigns. Casper is a fantastic, versatile and creative photographer.


We worked with Casper on a couple of different projects in 2018. In April 2018, Casper took over our Instagram account for a weekend – his fantastic photographs were some of the most popular on our account over the year.

Casper also worked on a photography project with us, whereby he shot the cover photograph of our 2019 Visitor Guide. We were looking for a cover photo which showcased the vibrance and modernity of the city, alongside one of Bath’s iconic sites, and Casper’s photo of Bath Carnival along Great Pulteney Street captured this atmosphere perfectly.

Casper is great to work with and we are always delighted with the results – his stunning photography perfectly supports our aim to showcase beautiful Bath to residents and visitors alike.


Casper featured in Somerset Life magazine with his photography linking to good walks and viewpoints around the city. He had a clear aim of encouraging people to get out and explore Bath for themselves and from the outset his love of the city was evident.

For Casper, this was about telling the world how wonderful Bath is, it wasn’t about his own creative ego. However, one look at his fabulous photos was enough to convince me that this would be a super feature for print. His descriptions accompanying each photograph were well thought out and written, and inspiring too. Having stunning imagery and an unusual angle to the feature – highlighting Bath viewpoints – meant we gave this five pages of coverage in Somerset Life.


‘Bath is Brilliant’ is the mantra of phenomenally talented photographer & blogger Casper who offers a ‘photographic and videography service right here in the heart of the city. We had been following Casper’s work for quite some time, so decided to approach him to see if he would be interested in joining us for a secret preview of our new tour Behind The Façade: Bath’s Backstories & Backstreets… and what a wonderful morning we had!

It is an absolute delight to view Casper’s response to the tour and discover which moments he wanted to capture and respond to visually and in text… The images are just stunning. We are extraordinarily lucky to have had Casper join us for a morning that, for us, proves how important it is for local businesses, initiatives, creatives & thinkers to come together and learn more about the people behind the brands, websites, blogs, newspapers and flyers… What a joyous occasion!